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Haul Pack


This quilt is made using one of the brilliant digital prints on the market.

They are vibrant and the depth of colour is amazing. On a teaching trip to the Pilbara in Australia's North West, I was amazed at the colours and landscapes there.

Haulpack Trucks have been used up there for decades to haul the iron ore and other minerals that are mined there. They are HUGE monster trucks.

This quilt pattern has been designed to use the larger scale panels that are on the market, I have used a truck, but you can change the panel and fabrics to create a quilt of your choice.

Unicorns, Disney, Mini Mouse, Dirt bikes to create a quilt of your choice

You can buy the panels in our shop 

From The First Stitch To The Last or online www.fromthefirststitchtothelast.com.au

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